Founded in 1987 as Watson Plastics, and later renamed Venture Plastics, the company has grown from its humble beginnings – currently employing 80 people and continuing to grow.

Our ability to continually deliver on time and in full is made possible by the depth of management and production experience. The core team responsible for manufacturing, supply chain and innovation each have over 20 years polymers experience and are always willing to share their knowledge with customers and suppliers

Each of the manufacturing processes (injection, moulding, vacuum forming, extrusion and blow moulding) have their own core teams of supervisors and skilled operators familiar with the technical requirements specific to their production areas.

Our production staff are committed to ensuring quality products leave our premises each and every day. Supervisors and machine operators aim to improve cycle times, eliminate defaults and identify cost savings from the shop floor throughout the supply chain

The owner and founder of the business, Geoff Watson, can draw on over 40 years of plastic industry experience. He has partnered with and supported multiple industry organisations over the years and has been duly recognised, receiving awards for design and innovation from the likes of the Plastic Federation of South Africa as well as overseas recognition.